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The village Karlštejn has signed, within cooperation with European and Czech cities, these contracts:

With Italian city Montecarlo on July 13, 2002 in Montecarlo. Ratification of this agreement was made in our country on April 25 2003.
Montecarlo is situated in Tuscany in the district Lucca and has over 4 thous. inhabitants. The city isgiven this name in the honour of prince Charles, later emperor Charles IV. and it was founded in 1333.
With the French city Althen des Paluds on May 7 2005 in Althen des Paluds. Ratification of this agreement was made in our country on September 25 2005.
Althen des Paluds is situated between the cities Avignon and Carpentras and has 2 thous. inhabitants. The village lies near to Avignon, where Charles IV often went to and where he gained a significant support from pope Inocenc VI. for his choice for the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1355.
With the German city Mylau the agreement is being ready for signature in September 2006.
In 1367 emperor Charles IV. gained, as a Czech king, the castle and dominion Mylau in his ownership. He liked hunting here in deep forests. Mylau has about 3 thous. inhabitants.


There is a very close cooperation within the Czech Republic with the villages Žilov and Stýskaly. Žilov has got 400 inhabitants and lies by Pilsen.
Cooperation started in 2003, when it was found out from historical records that two noblemen from Žilov defended successfully the castle Karlštejn in 1422 against inhabitants of Prague.