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History of the village

The village with this name was built in 1952 through administrative annexation of villages Budňany and Poučník. Building of the village is related to construction of the castle Karlštejn, established by Charles IV. The foundation stone for construction of the castle was laid in 1348 and it was finished in 1355 as a fort in which crown jewels of the „Holy Roman Empire“ should have been deposited. Hrad KarlštejnThe St. Cross chapel is the most precious room of the whole castle. Its gilded vault and glass lenses imitating the heavens belong to the most significant monuments in our country. It is just here where an extraordinary precious complex of 127 wooden boards with portraits of saints, angels and prophets made by master Theodorik is stored. The St. Cross chapel has due to limited number of visitors opened since recently. The castle is also decorated with precious frescos from Charles IV´s life made by Mikuláš Wurmser. Also St. Palmacius church was built in the times of construction of the castle. Original building was damaged during the Hussite wars and today´s condition of the building has come from early 16th century.
The castle was built on a limestone hill protected by five mountains - Javorka (384 above sea level), Kněží hora (357 a.s.l.), Haknovec (380 a.s.l.), Haknová (402 a.s.l.) and Plešivec (362 a.s.l.). Charles IV. supported wine growing in the region. There are still vineyards in Karlštejn on the area of 12 ha.

The present
MapaAdministrative area of the village Karlštejn amounts to 1209 ha. There live 760 permanent inhabitants in 324 houses in the village. Both main parts of the village, Budňany and Poučník, separated by the river Berounka, are connected by a steel arched bridge finished in 1998. There is a station on the right bank of the river Berounka and a municipal authority residence. The national cultural monument – the castle Karlštejn, visited regularly by more than 300 thousand visitors, is situated on the left bank of the village above a deep valley of the Budňanský brook. The highest landmark on the territory of the village is Velká hora with its 422 m above sea level and the lowest point is the level of Berounka with its 208 m above sea level. Annual budget of the village fluctuates between 9 - 10 Mill. Kč. Within its economy the village runs a car park, a caravan site, public WC and there is also working team for cleaning and maintenance works. In the period 2000 – 2005 the village managed to build up sewerage, water and full gas supply systems. Expenses thereto amounted to over 80 Mill. KČ the village covering over 60 Mill. KČ.

What we are short of is possibility of building family houses and above all a swimming pool for visitors of the village.

We recommend you to visit our village. Our village has since last 10 years gone thru great changes. Along the way to castle there occurred lots of stands, snack bars and restaurants. Please, don´t hurry! Have an all-day trip to our place. Surrounding nature is so beautiful here. We´re looking forward to you!




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