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Dear bride and bridegroom,

You have decided to hold your wedding at the Karlštejn Castle. We, like you, would like this first step in your life together to be a truly festive occasion, without any needless inconvenience, and wish you, your parents, relatives and friends to be happy not only during the ceremony itself but also when remembering it.
Therefore, allow us to give you some well-meant advice and information, which will enable mutual problem-free co-operation..
We believe that you have properly and responsibly considered the date of the wedding. The existing valid regulations, apart from exceptions, do not allow refunding of the full fee, but only its half, at most

Wedding ceremony fees
both bride and groom are Czech citizens                                           CZK 7 000,--
one of the bridal couple is a Czech citizen, the other one is a foreigner CZK 9 000,--
both bride and groom are foreigners                                                   CZK 10 000,--

Submit the completed and verified application to conclude a marriage to our registry office no later than a week before the booked ceremony. If you cannot meet this deadline, unfortunately we will have to cancel the booked time.
We presume that you will arrive at Karlštejn by car (please do not use a large bus), mark all of the vehicles with one ribbon at least. Due to the high concentration of visitors, driving through the village is forbidden. However for you and your guests for the purpose of the wedding ceremony, entry is allowed. Pay special attention when driving through the pedestrian zone. Drive slowly, do not hurry and use sound signals only when necessary. Trouble-free access to the castle, with respect to pedestrians, is to be found from the motorway / LODĚNICE EXIT / through the village of Mořina. There you need to turn right into a minor road at the second crossroads (marked "No entry to all motor vehicles" with the additional board "Entry to traffic operators allowed") and regardless of the direction board, drive directly to the castle, which is about 2 km from this crossroad. Parking places for your guests are situated near the road at a distance of approx. 5 min. walk past "U Karla IV." (the Charles IV Restaurant) to the castle. Since the castle must have a free access road for fire brigade and ambulances, and the place is not large, only two cars with the bride and groom, parents or immobile guests are allowed to drive to the second castle gate. Leave these two cars, at most, in front of the second castle gate only for the duration of the ceremony. Please do not drive into the castle courtyard!
The entrance to the ceremony hall is opposite the second gate next to the castle ticket office. It is advisable to allow yourself plenty of time and come into the ceremony hall 15 minutes before the ceremony. Consequently, it will be possible to calmly verify the identity of the wedding witnesses according to their valid identity cards. Do not forget to take them with you. You will certainly understand that if you come late, then because of other weddings, it will only be possible to carry out your ceremony after the last planned ceremony of the day.

In the ceremony hall you will be met by our experienced workers, who will see to your needs and organise the entire ceremony. Address any possible questions to them. They will also gladly offer their advice on other personal matters regarding the wedding.
Guests can use this time for taking photos or making video-recordings, because during the ceremony only the bride and bridegroom and the witnesses stand in front of the registrar. It is allowed to take amateur photos, film or make amateur video-recordings only from behind the level of the bride and bridegroom. We do not want to underestimate the technical skills of your guests, but without knowledge of light conditions, the main scenario and arrangement of the ceremony, an attempt to capture for example the first kiss of the newly-weds is often too demanding, can disturb the entire ceremony and the result is usually very far from what you had imagined. For this reason we recommend using the services of photographers, who have been working in this ceremony hall for many years, know the ceremony at Karlštejn by heart and are aware of what will take place and when. You can agree on different and special requirements, including a video-recording in various language versions. We will gladly mediate this service for you.
For the same reasons, we recommend dealing with the musical accompaniment in a similar way. Practice has shown that we can mediate the most suitable music for a festive and dignified ceremony in an historical environment, this being live electronic organ music. The organ is installed for this purpose directly in the ceremony hall. Musical accompaniment is included in the price of the fee. In the ceremony hall there are a few chairs for older and less-mobile citizens. The questions of the registrar, the "I dos" of the bride and groom, and the declaration on the marriage conclusion are made with everyone standing.
A traditional feature at Karlštejn is also the first toast of the newly-weds with wine from local historical vineyards. If for various reasons you do not want or cannot drink alcohol, then the toast may be made only symbolically. You can leave the entire arrangement of the ceremony to our workers.
The actual ceremony lasts about 20 minutes, therefore please consider the presence of those children, who do not know what is going on, because they often get bored in the ceremony hall and inadvertently start disturbing your ceremony. After its beginning, to leave the hall with children may disturb the ceremony, even though there is nothing else that can be done

You have chosen as the place of your wedding Karlštejn Castle, which was declared National Cultural Heritage, and where since 1950 more than 12,000 weddings have taken place. The castle in itself is a beautiful symbolic scene, which is though difficult to maintain and therefore we ask you please not to engage in regional customs – such as rice sprinkling, confetti throwing or similar.
We believe that this advice will contribute to a peaceful and dignified ceremony, and you and your guests will take away with you wonderful memories of your wedding day at Karlštejn.

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